Who knew the Internet belonged to a Union?

More Americans approve of Communism, polygamy, and pornography than approve of Congress, which hit an all time low in polls this fall with on 9% approval. You’d think this makes Congress’s recent attack on the Internet (which I’m guessing has almost 100% approval) seem like a pretty risky battle for them to undertake. I don’t really understand the Internet, although I do know it’s not a system of tubes, and although I’ve been trying to read up on this issue (when tumblr, wikipedia, and wordpress ask me to do something, how can I not take notice?) I don’t really understand SOPA or PIPA. Congress has proven this week, that it understands both even less – both in terms of how these things work and what they mean in terms of public opinion. It seems remarkably out of touch, even for Congress.  I don’t want to make generalizations that I can’t back up, but it seems to me that by generation and affiliation (liberal, blogger, internet user) I basically know what side I’m on. Still, I will definitely be reading more this weekend, which you can do as well by clicking on the sources of information below.

I’m sure there are more out there. Post things you think I should read in the comments section if you like.