Catching Fire: Thoughts on the Movie

catching fireI don’t know if its because it’s the second movie, or because of the GREs (which I took yesterday!) but I somehow forgot this movie was coming out. When the first film came out, Alison Lee and I had only started this blog a few months prior and we went Hunger Games crazy. You would have seriously thought we were writing a Hunger games themed blog, and I think part of that was that we were so excited, and we didn’t know what the blog was about yet, and we were so excited just to be excited about something post college and be able to connect with each other and other fans about our excitement. It was the first thing that brought readers besides our parents to the blog, and the first time I branched out and started reading other book blogs. Which is a really long way to say, I can’t believe I kind of dropped the ball on talking about this movie.  Continue reading “Catching Fire: Thoughts on the Movie”