Me Earl and the Dying Girl: An Even Less Cancery Cancer Novel

12700353Okay, so I thought The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green, was going to be the most unique, non-cancery YA novel I read about teens with cancer. I was wrong though. Me Earl and the Dying Girl, by Jesse Andrews, fits even less into the genre of teenage cancer stories most of us have grown to know and cringe over. In these books, it is most common for a young man to meet and fall in love with an inspirational young girl with cancer. While the girl dies, the book celebrates how strong and wise she became. And the whole point is how much the boy learns from the whole experience. If you’re looking for that kind of book, aside from examining your motives, I suggest you listen to me and the first lines of this book when we both tell you THIS IS NOT THAT KIND OF BOOK.  Continue reading “Me Earl and the Dying Girl: An Even Less Cancery Cancer Novel”