Double Book Review: Arrows, by Melissa Gorzelanczyk, & The Romantics, by Leah Konen

screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-9-48-52-amReviewing these two books would probably be more appropriate around Valentine’s Day than a few days before Halloween (although if you are looking for something spooky this weekend maybe check out The Graces by Laure Eve). Still, after reading both Arrows and The Romantics this month, I knew I’d review them together. From the covers (blue featuring hearts and Cupid’s arrow) to the unique narraters (you’ll see), there is a lot, a lot these books have in common. Both books also take on the theme of love in pretty intense ways. They go beyond romance stories to examine questions of what love is. These similarities only make the differences feel more stark. So let’s dive into these two love-filled, YA romances.  Continue reading “Double Book Review: Arrows, by Melissa Gorzelanczyk, & The Romantics, by Leah Konen”

The Last Time We Were Us, by Leah Konen

26116496Liz Grant is preparing for the perfect summer. Things are finally supposed to be easy. She’s friends with a new popular crowd. She’s about to become the girlfriend of the richest and most handsome boy in her small North Carolina town. Her sister’s getting married. But then Jason Sullivan gets released from juvie early. They were best friends as children. He ditched her in middle school, then got arrested for attacking and disfiguring the older brother of Liz’s new beau. Liz has never known what to believe about Jason’s arrest, but the rest of the town and her own family have no such qualms. With lots and lots and lots of romance (which obviously is my favorite), this story shows Liz struggling between what she believes to be true and what everyone around her wants.

I was drawn to the book because of the premise, I was totally hooked because of the fantastic feminist undertones woven in and out of the story. Also, of course, the smoochy, swoony scenes didn’t make me like it any less.  Continue reading “The Last Time We Were Us, by Leah Konen”