Links for a Lazy Sunday


Hello friends! Happy Day Light Savings Time! Or is it the end of Day Light Savings Time? I can never remember which is which, but I am excited that it won’t be getting dark so early. You might not have a lot of time to mull about on the internet today, since we lost an hour, but in case you do here are some of my favorite links:

Links for a Lazy Sunday

tumblr_mxm1xqO1oV1sh0aobo1_1280Happy Sunday friends! What have you been up to this weekend? Has anyone been watching the Olympics? This week I started a job gallery sitting, which has been really great because I’m surrounded by art and I have lots of time to read, write … and to find these links for your perusal:

Links for a Lazy Sunday

And what a lazy Sunday it has been. Seriously, so lazy that I’ve already taken a bubble bath, and watched 2 hours of bad television without opening my computer to put all these links together. Although, I shouldn’t admit it, I am still not a winner at the internet so most of these links are from Alee and my sister, but, if anything, that makes them more informative, interesting, and inspiring than most of what I came up with. Enjoy!

 If you are not feeling so lazy and are looking for a cozy project to do on a cold winter day look no further than this free snowy day hat pattern from see kate sew or finally make that secret hollow book you’ve always desired.

Some, less strenuous but equally interesting things that we’ve found in the last few weeks for you to check out:

  •  Beautiful Poem by Maya Angelou that makes me more determined to write.
  •  Maybe the most important dictionary you will ever read.
  •  A  new tumblr mixing two of my obsessions Beyonce and Downtown Abbey
  • My new favorite font
I wrote a fews days ago giving some limited information on SOPA and PIPA. Alison L. put together some more links. Educate yourself and take action.
  • A video that explains PIPA
  • A site that gives information about PIPA, lets you contact congress
  • Another site that helps you find the numbers of your local representatives so you can contact them about SOPA/PIPA
  • An infographic explaining SOPA