Archetype, by M.D. Waters: A Dystopian Book for Adults

18079523When I think of Dystopian novels I immediately pair the genre with young adult fiction. I don’t think I’m alone in this. In fact, last week the New York times made the same association. Of course if you examine the history of the genre, there are plenty of books written for and about adults: Brave New World, 1984, The Road, etc. However, with a few exceptions, in the last ten years the genre seems to have been claimed by teenaged characters and readers. While the summaries of Archetype, by M.D. Waters call the book a futuristic suspense novel, it feels like it belongs firmly in the Dystopian category. It is nice to have an author write a female-centric, Dystopian novel with adult characters and adult problems. Furthermore, this was a fun, quick read that kept me turning the page until I’d finished the novel in just two sittings (both in the same day).¬† Continue reading “Archetype, by M.D. Waters: A Dystopian Book for Adults”