Where’d You Go Bernadette: Worth All the Hype, I Promise

bernadetteFour of my favorite people (three from real life and one from the internet) recommend Where’d Yo Go Bernadette, by Maria Semple, before I picked it up earlier this week. I love getting book recommendations, but sometimes when people talk a book up it and I see it highly reviewed in the media I have unrealistically high expectations. So I started the book thinking there is now way this book is going to be as good as everyone says it is. Within the first pages I knew I was wrong. I stayed up late into the night, laughing out loud, racing through the book to figure out the mystery, and wishing I had someone other than my teddy bear, Cinnamon, next to me in bed that I could read funny parts out loud to. And that’s why I want to take a short departure from writing about YA books to tell you to go read this book. It is worth all the hype. I promise.  Continue reading “Where’d You Go Bernadette: Worth All the Hype, I Promise”