Book Review: Mechanica, by Betsy Cornwell

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*** I originally posted this in April, but since the book came out this week wanted readers who might have missed it to get pumped for this fantastic, feminist Cinderella retelling … also I’m still on vacation and didn’t want to write a new review. Hope you enjoy!***

As some readers (especially those that knew me when I was ten) know, Ella Enchanted, by Gail Carson Levine, is pretty much the most important book I ever read. It totally converted me from from being a kid who could barely read, and absolutely hated it, to someone who LOVED books (not just with a capital L, but with capital O, V, E, and D as well). It solidified my interest in fairytale retellings, especially ones focused on Cinderella. So as you can imagine, when I found out my friend Betsy Cornwell’s Cinderella retelling Mechanica¬†was coming out this year, I was beyond excited. And even though it can’t take the place of Ella¬†in my heart, it is now definitely my second favorite Cinderella story … and I’ve read a lot a lot of them. Here’s why (and it’s not because Betsy is so nice and funny and blogs about important things like writing and PTSD, being a friend to yourself, and making goat cheese): Continue reading “Book Review: Mechanica, by Betsy Cornwell”

Wordless Wednesday: Mechanica Launch

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 8.01.31 PMOn Saturday, I was lucky enough to go to the Mechanica book launch! I took a class at Smith with author Betsy Cornwell, but we really became friends on the Internet after we’d both graduated. This was the first time I’ve seen her IRL since then and it was wonderful to hear her read, reminisce about college, and chat about writing. Plus the event was at a Dr. Who themed bar in Brooklyn called The Way Station – so cool!!! I’m so in love with this book and it comes out soon, so everyone should preorder it ASAP!