Melt, by Selene Castrovilla

15562682 (1)I do not usually like things that can be described with the word dark. I’m even less likely to enjoy a book with a tagline that includes the word brutal. Melt, by Selene Castrovilla, came out yesterday and definitely earns the terms dark and brutal in its depiction of a romance between high schoolers Dorothy and Joey. From the beginning their love seems meant to be, but Joey’s reputation, his relationship with alcohol, and the domestic abuse that’s always been a part of his life at home threaten what Joey and Dorothy have. Despite the darkness, the instant tension that comes from rooting for both kids and also wondering if it all really is too much for Dorothy kept me turning pages. The interesting structure of the story also made me feel like I needed to make an exception for this dark and brutal book. Continue reading “Melt, by Selene Castrovilla”