Author Interview: Anna Meriano


Hi friends and happy Monday! I am lucky enough to have *another* amazing author interview on the blog today. Anna Meriano’s first book: A Dash of Trouble is so charming, sweet, and important. It is about a Mexican American girl named Leo who finds out her family of bakers are actually brujas who use there magic in their cooking. Leo is the youngest and tired of being left out, so she tries to learn the magic of her ancestry on her own! Anna also was the year above me in The New Schools MFA program and was so kind to me in my first month living in NYC (and beyond). Get ready to learn from her brilliance! 
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Word Count and Middle Grade Novels


I know I’ve written before about young adult books and word count already, but recently a friend asked me my opinion on the ideal length of a debut middle grade novels. It seems to me like there is the most variation in this type of book, because they are generally written for children between the ages of eight and twelve. There is a lot of changes in both reading ability and subjects of interest during that time. I’ve read online that MG novels should be between 20,000 and 45,000 words. Here are examples of how many words are in between the covers of some of the most popular MG novels.  Continue reading “Word Count and Middle Grade Novels”