Prague, Vienna and Budapest … and Somnus

When I travel I usually keep am constantly taking notes. I want to have everything from the street names to the tablecloth colors right in case I someday write a story set in one of the places I’ve been lucky enough to visit.IMG_1320

On my recent trip, with my father, his wife, and my sister, I did not take these kinds of notes. You might think that I’m going say that I didn’t do this because I was finally able to travel in the moment or I was too busy enjoying family time. Or you might think that I was too tired. To be honest the idea that anyone is reading this post and thinking anything is a huge presumption on my part. Continue reading “Prague, Vienna and Budapest … and Somnus”

Books While Travelling

reading-on-a-planeWhen you go on a trip do you like to read books set in the location you are visiting? I know I do. I’ve been lucky enough to go to some great places around the world and as a consequence discover some of my favorite books. I read Nicholas and Alexandra in  Russia. I read Romola in Florence. I read Ladder of Years, by Anne Tyler, while sitting on Bethany Beach and proceeded to become convinced my mother was going to abandon me there. Don’t worry. She didn’t. So now that I’m preparing for a new trip, I’m looking for new books to bring along and enhance the experience.  Continue reading “Books While Travelling”