Ten Bookish Accounts to Follow on Social Media


I don’t think this week needs much set up. I follow a lot, a lot of bookish social media accounts. Here are 10 bookish accounts/authors/bloggers/whatever that you won’t regret following ASAP. Let me know who I should be following in the comments and feel free to reach out to me on twitter too – @AlisonCDohertyContinue reading “Ten Bookish Accounts to Follow on Social Media”

2015 Reading Resolutions: How I Did

Because I like to set lots and lots of goals for myself and because of this top ten tuesday post, I set a bunch (or 10 to be exact) reading resolutions for the year. Overall, I did a great job … which isn’t surprising since I’m in school and my job is partially to read lots and lots of books. One resolution did still allude me … my Moby Dick (although I have a feeling I will like this book way way way way more than I liked Moby Dick). Read on to see the results of my year of reading. Sorry (not sorry) it seems so braggy: Continue reading “2015 Reading Resolutions: How I Did”

Are you read-a-thonning tomorrow?


I wasn’t going to participate this time, but I couldn’t help myself. I just signed up for Dewey’s Read-a-thon tomorrow. I have class and a bunch of other work to do, so I’m going to set my goal at 8 hours of reading. Also I figure if I read some of the books I have for homework that makes it productive time right?

If anyone wants to join me, here’s the link to sign up. It really is pretty much the most fun ever. Let the reading begin!

Reading Nostalgia: The Wild Swan Trilogy

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 2.00.48 PM

I don’t think very many people have read the Wild Swan books, but they were some of my favorite books as a teenager. I loved them so much I developed a funny kind of tradition around them. I think I first read these in the 8th grade, then decided not to obey my impulse to immediately reread the series and instead saved them to reread my first week of high school. I then didn’t reread them again until my first week of college. Continue reading “Reading Nostalgia: The Wild Swan Trilogy”

How Do You Like Your Stories To End?

3426.the end.jpg-610x0

After reading, Openly Straight, by Bill Konigsberg, a few weeks ago I saw in many people’s reviews on goodreads lots of different message: “If you don’t like ambiguous endings you won’t like this book.” It got me thinking about all the different kinds of endings there are and what kind of endings I like. Continue reading “How Do You Like Your Stories To End?”

Three New Ways to Pick Out Books Online


I already have my New Year’s resolutions settled (more info to come), but if you are looking for a way to pick out books for 2014 here are three newish ways to pick out books to read in the new year. It’s always nice when you can get a recommendation from a friend, librarian, or bookstore employee, but sometimes you might want to look for books to read from the comfort of your own computer. So whether you are thinking about what your book club is going to read, developing a bookish resolution for the new year, or just trying to figure out what book you want to read now that the holiday season is almost over, keep reading to discover your next great read … or at least great way of finding good book recommendations.  Continue reading “Three New Ways to Pick Out Books Online”

Wordless Wednesday: Choosing a YA Novel Flowchart

wwI’ve seen a lot of flowcharts to help readers decide what book to read next, but this one is definitely the best I’ve found if you are looking for a Young Adult novel. Click on the picture or here to find what very well may be your new favorite book. If you feel so incline, let me know in the comments what book you got.

Top 10 Books I Was “Forced” to Read


I’m super excited to be doing another top ten tuesday, a book meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week they asked bloggers to cull down a list of favorite books we were forced to read. I decided to further narrow this down to books assigned in school, because, while I have several books I read/loved at strong urgings of friends and family members, I never actually had to read them. I also decided no more than one book by each author. Otherwise this would have been way too many Alice Munro collections. I’m still reeling from her Nobel Prize win last week. Anyways, here is my list of the top ten books I was forced to read in school. Continue reading “Top 10 Books I Was “Forced” to Read”

Dewey’s Read-a-thon

dewey1-300x300For the next 24 hours I’m going to be part of Dewey’s Read-a-thon.  This is my second time participating and I’m more excited/less nervous than I was my first time around. I’m not hardcore enough yet to try to read the whole 24 hours, but I am going to try and surpass my time/page count from last April. This means I need to read for more than 13 hours and read more than 1,000 pages. Internet permitting (it’s been on the fritz lately) I’ll be updating this post throughout the day (and night!) on my progress and with fun mini-challenges. You can also get updates by checking my twitter: @alisoncdoherty Continue reading “Dewey’s Read-a-thon”