Breaking Dawn 2: The End of the Twilight Saga

Like any good Twilight fan (yes I know this is embarrassing, but I don’t care!) I spent the weekend having a marathon of all the Twilight movies with my mom before heading to see the newest and last film in the saga “Breaking Dawn Part 2” Sunday morning. Surprisingly, I remembered this part of the books the least. Plus, after the gore and disconcerting number of extreme close ups in its predecessor “Breaking Dawn Part 1” I didn’t know what to expect.

The film pleasantly at the same time met and exceeded my expectations. It has the self referential humor of the other films in the theories and goes beyond the narrative of Stephanie Meyer’s finale to add excitement and produce an ending that pays tribute to all five movies. There are some unexpected twists which I suggest you don’t try and find out through spoilers. Also, it’s pretty fun to see Kristen Stewart not have to be an awkward, hunched over girl who is consistently falling over her own feet. And, as my mother said, “who knew becoming a vampire meant having perfect eye makeup on all the time?” Although, be forewarned the movie contains a CGI baby.

Also the premier of the movie has meant photos of my favorite real life couple back together and more interviews with Robert Pattinson, who continues to be hilarious and tied for me with Lena Dunahm for most unique and charming media interviews. My two favorite interviews for this movie have been his appearances on Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel. I also love the number of memes that have popped up on the internet denoting Pattinson’s hatred of the Twilight movies. What’s particularly funny is they aren’t made up, they are pretty much all direct quotes from Rpatz himself.

You can see more at these Tumblrs:

So let me know if you are planning and going to see the film? If you’ve seen it what do you think? Is anyone else anticipating Twilight withdrawals… Who knows maybe Stephanie Meyers will decide she wants another bazillion dollars and decide to write another one.

Kristen and Rob: Back Together! (?)

As some of you might know, the whole Kristen Stewart cheating scandal, and ensuing Robert Pattinson break up in July caused me a little distress. In fact, you can read about it in this post. I discovered, that I was not alone in this. In the days following the alarming news, we tried to analyze the relationships chances through messages on Kristen and Robert’s t-shirts, checked hourly for updates, and almost lost it when we heard that Robert was putting the couple’s shared house on the market and was hiding out at Reese Witherspoon …. okay, maybe that was just me.

The close attention didn’t just last for days or weeks. When Robert went on the publicity circuit for Cosmopolis, everyone was watching to see if he would fall apart or give us a clue as to the future of their relationship. He was (perhaps unsurprisingly) mum on the subject. Even though he did look adorable eating ice cream on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, things didn’t look good.

It surprises me then that as the couple has apparently gotten back together, that people aren’t making a bigger deal. It trickled up last week on a few entertainment cite. This week (I would say a more reputable site, also the cite that broke the break up scandal to begin with) confirmed the rumors. They are back together. The house isn’t being sold.

The surprise in fact has me questioning if they are really back together. I’m crossing my fingers, waiting for the Breaking Dawn premiere … and looking for something healthier to fill my time/interest.

Kristen and Rob: Please Stay Together!!!

This is kind of an embarrassing question to ask, but is anyone else a little heartbroken over the Kristen Stewart / Robert Pattinson debacle of this week? Seriously, if I read one more article about him moving out, or them not speaking then I am breaking out the sweat pants and ice-cream and putting the television permanently on Lifetime. Although don’t worry, I won’t be making any tearful youtube videos, like this one. (You won’t be sorry for clicking on the link, it is hilarious).

If Twilight taught me anything about myself, it was that I am a person who loves hype. I don’t understand people who didn’t read Harry Potter because “everyone else was doing it.” Apologies to all anti-peer pressure commercials, but if everyone else is doing it, then it probably is fun.

The Bella/Edward obsession is no exception. It might not be well written, and it is kind of creepy – but it compelled me to keep reading. And Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s portrayal of that relationship kept me going to the movies. People can nay-say all they want, but there is something in the writing and the performance that resonates with people, otherwise they wouldn’t be so popular. But another thing that made it fun was the hype. The fact that millions of other people were also reading and watching and talking about it; that what you were reading was on the front page of every magazine in the grocery store checkout aisle.

That’s what made the Kristen and Rob relationship a fan’s dream. Edward and Bella were eternally in the checkout aisle, but with better clothes, funnier jokes and equally good hair. First they wouldn’t confirm they were in a relationship, then Rob joked to Oprah that they were having a baby and the next thing you knew they were living together.

Somehow, the hype surround Kristen cheating, and Rob moving out hasn’t been as fun to watch. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the characteristic drama (her public apology) and the real time updates (thank you – but it makes me really sad to think these hollywood soul mates might not make it through. And that makes me feel very very silly.

If you haven’t been following the scandal as closely as me (i.e. you aren’t a crazy person) here is the timeline:

  • Wednesday morning: posts that sources have confirmed Kristen had an affair with her Snow White director. The web explodes with disbelief. See this (since updated) article telling us to take a breath, because it may not have happened.
  • By lunchtime, with uncharacteristic speed, Kristen issues a public apology to Rob, calling him “the person I love and respect the most.”
  • Within an hour Rupert Sanders, the 41-year-old director, issues a public apology to his wife and two kids.
  • That night, Rob leaves the home he shares with Kristen carrying a suitcase.
  • Everyone and their mother takes to the internet to speculate, mourn and criticize the situation.
  • Today reports that Kristen and Rob are not speaking to each other.
  • Alison writes confessional blog post instead of writing in her diary, slightly exaggerating in order to satirize her true pain. Then feels bad she’s more concerned with the 20 something celebrities instead of the married couple. Then feels concerned that she is referring to herself in 3rd person.