My Funny Labor Day Tradition

My Labor Day  Gift This Morning
My Labor Day Gift This Morning!

Hi friends and happy Labor Day! I’m skipping today’s marry, date or dump to tell you about a funny tradition my family has. I’ve never met anyone outside my family who does this, but just like Santa brings present on Christmas or the bunny brings a basket on Easter, on Labor Day I get a book from Samuel Gompers. Pretty weird, right?

When I was growing up, I was told Samuel Gompers brought me a book because he made it so children didn’t have to work in the factories and could go to school. Now I know the history behind Samuel Gompers, one of the most famous American labor rights activists, is more complicated. Yes, he did do a lot of good things, but he also promoted a lot of racism and exclusion within the labor movement. Definitely a mixed legacy.  Continue reading “My Funny Labor Day Tradition”