Self Care and Self Love for Writers

tumblr_nk3m6hN8HU1so358go1_500Lately, I think I’ve been approaching writing the way I used to (unhealthily) approach dieting. Self doubt and self hate are actually very effective motivators and very easy feelings to tap into … but there is definitely a price. If (and by if I mean when) I don’t spend as much time as I planned writing or hit my daily word count I end up thinking things like:

  • Why am I not disciplined enough to just do this?
  • This must mean I don’t really want to be a writer bad enough.
  • I guess I’m not really a good writer, because a good writer wouldn’t be procrastinating like this.

These are definitely not fun ways to feel. But, just like getting mad at yourself for not exercising or eating something you “shouldn’t”, it can push you to be more productive … at least in the moment.  Continue reading “Self Care and Self Love for Writers”