Links for a Lazy Sunday

Basic RGBHappy Sunday everyone. Who else remembered to say Rabbit Rabbit yesterday morning? I never remember, but I did yesterday so I guess that means good luck for me. I still can’t believe it is already June. I’m having the best weekend ever with my sister here to visit. This hasn’t left a ton of free time for poking around on the internet, so a lot of these links are old but still fun!

Is Abbi Glines Pushing the Boundaries of YA Fiction?

For those of you who don’t know, Abbi Glines is a self-publisher who has been appearing all over different bestseller lists in the last few months. I will admit that I’ve read a few of her books – when something is priced under a dollar its hard to not check it out. Her books make 50 Shades look well written, but I understand the appeal. They include interesting characters, abrupt cliffhanger endings, and plenty of scenes that would make Nora Roberts blush. It is those scenes that have made me pretty surprised this week to see her name on the YA Bestseller list for her book While It Lasts. I considered her solidly a Romance (and not light romance), even though her characters are often between ages 17 and 21. Which makes me wonder – should something so sexually explicit and so obviously designed to titillate be considered young adult fiction?

abbi glines replacement pic

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Kickstarter and the Future of Publishing

Kickstarter is a way to fund creative projects by would be artists or entrepreneurs. Basically it is a website that allows people to donate money to a project. You don’t get the money back, but you do get a reward from the creator, which is usually related to the project. The more money you give the better the reward is. Here is a more detailed description.


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