Marry, Date or Dump: Chaucer, Milton & Shakespeare

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I’m heading out to California today (!!!) for a few weeks of vacation before school starts. While I’m gone I’m going to repost some of my favorite pas marry, date or dump line ups. This one was originally posted in July 2012. The big three authors for English majors everywhere. I’m excited to read in the comments who you’d marry, who you’d date, and who you would dump!   Continue reading “Marry, Date or Dump: Chaucer, Milton & Shakespeare”

Burn, Read, Rewrite: Shakespeare Plays

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Some people, mostly English teachers I’m guessing, might act like they are about to have a heart attack if you would suggest burning – or for that matter rewriting – any of Shakespeare’s plays. For the sake of history and the literary cannon I guess I would agree. But for the sake of this game this is exactly what I’m going to ask you to do. Pick any of Shakespeare’s plays and let us know which one you would read (favorite), rewrite (something needs to be tweaked or changed), and burn (come on some of them are pretty messed up and/or boring). Whether it’s making Juliet live and end up with Benvolio or your secret hatred of Hamlet and his whiny ways I’m excited to see which plays you choose for which spots and why!  Continue reading “Burn, Read, Rewrite: Shakespeare Plays”

Marry Date or Dump: Hamlet

hamIn Hamlet, Shakespeare tells us that brevity is the soul of wit so I will keep this brief. Hamlet is not only one of my favorite Shakespeare plays, but also the best Gilligan’s Island episode of all time. So make your decision known in the comments. Out of Hamlet, Laertes, and Horatio who would you marry, date, and dump?  Continue reading “Marry Date or Dump: Hamlet”