Thanks For The Trouble, by Tommy Wallach

9781481418805Thanks For The Trouble, by Tommy Wallach pairs a high concept story, unique characters, and excellent writing. Since I’ve been so focused on writing in the last few months, I haven’t been reading a lot. But I knew this was one book I had to get my hands on. In the story, high school writer Parker Santé hasn’t spoken in the five years since his father died. He meets a silver haired girl, Zelda, who looks his age but claims to be over 200 years old. Zelda plans to spend $5,000 (her last money) and then jump of the Golden Gate bridge. In a Halloween romp around the city Zelda tries to get through to isolated Parker as he tries to find experiences that will convince Zelda not to kill herself. It’s part romance, part fantasy, part coming-of-age story. All of it is written in sharp, clever prose I remember from Wallach’s debut last year, We All Looked UpContinue reading “Thanks For The Trouble, by Tommy Wallach”