I Did It!

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I just hit send on my last turn in of my thesis to my advisor. There will still be a little bit of work and polishing to do before I’m officially done, but this was the big deadline. The one I’ve been working towards all semester. Craziness. I don’t have much time to write or reflect on my emotions, because I have an hour to turn around and go to a mixer with editors and agents at my school tonight (also craziness). But I’m feeling so happy and proud of myself (I did finish a draft of the novel) and supported. Friends sent an amazing care package and flowers and got me pumpkin cheese cake to get me through this week. Even more sent nice comments through this blog or text messages or other social media.

I have no idea how I’ll feel tomorrow … or once I get the notes back on the draft from my advisor. But right now I feel filled with joy and very blessed.


Starting Over on a Manuscript


Hi friends! I’ve been back in New York for about ten days, but so much has happened. A history-making blizzard. A visit from my college roommate. Dinners with friends. Dance parties (plural). Two post-graduation job interviews. And (most importantly!) my first notes and meeting with my thesis advisor, the fantastic Jill Santopolo who is a pretty prolific author and editor. The notes were copious and the meeting went really, really well but …

together we made the decision to start completely over on my manuscript with a lot of changes to the plot/characters/timeline/conceit of the story. I know these changes will be for the best, but, man, it’s hard to look at 275 pages you’ve been working and reworking for a year and think about throwing most of them away.

Today, marks the beginning of me trying to write a new chapter one. It’s so strange, because in some ways I know my main character, Riley, so well from the last year+ we’ve spent together and in other ways the changes I decided to make to her personality/history make writing from her perspective a completely new beast.

It’s hard. But writing is supposed to be hard.

It’s exciting. And writing is supposed to be exciting.

Wish me luck!