This Raging Light, by Estelle Laure

23208417I’m about to head into my last week of classes in my MFA program (then just one semester and I graduate!), but am still trying to find time to keep up my reading. This Raging Light, by Estelle Laure comes out December 22, so I wanted to get a review up before the publication date. I had a lot of excitement about this one, mostly positive feelings (but a few mixed ones too), and really cannot wait for it to come out to get more opinions.

The story starts with senior in high school Lucille’s life basically falling apart. As the back cover will tell you, her father’s gone crazy, her mom’s abandoned her with no money, she has a little sister to take care of, and she’s fallen in love with the least convenient person ever – her best friend’s brother, Digby, who has a very serious boyfriend. So basically Estelle Laure took the advice to put your main character in tough situations very seriously. The book follows Lucille trying to keep people from finding out that she’s alone with her sister, solving logistical problems, being freaked out by anonymous acts of kindness, and (of course!) having a lot of confusing interactions with Digby.  Continue reading “This Raging Light, by Estelle Laure”