Top Ten Books I’ve Loved The Have Big Fandoms


I usually LOVE popular books, but I don’t totally connect with the idea of fandom. Even with Harry Potter, which I loved more than any story ever, I didn’t get fully into the fandom. I went to the midnight book parties and movies and obsessed over the story with my friends, but I didn’t join online communities, buy merchandise, or read fanfiction. Anyway, here are then books/series I’ve loved that have giant fandoms. Continue reading “Top Ten Books I’ve Loved The Have Big Fandoms”

Top Ten Authors I’d Like to Meet


Since moving to New York it’s bananas how many of my favorite authors I’ve gotten to meet. I cried meeting Stephanie Perkins, freaked out talking bout my thesis with E. Lockhart, talked about Smith with Meg Wolitzer, and even took a YA lit class with David Levithan. Still, there are plenty of authors I’d still *love* to meet. Here are ten of them: Continue reading “Top Ten Authors I’d Like to Meet”

Top Ten Books I’ve Read in One Sitting


I LOVE reading books in one sitting. If I like a book I want to devour it. If I don’t like a book (or I like it but the subject matter is upsetting) I’m desperate to get it over with. Here are ten of my favorite books I’ve read in one sitting or almost in one sitting (like throughout a day). From books I read during read-a-thons to reading Harry Potter sitting next to my best friend from high school, I think I like each of these books more because of my ability to read them quickly. Do you like reading a book in one sitting or do you prefer to savor a book over a longer period of time? Continue reading “Top Ten Books I’ve Read in One Sitting”

Top Ten Books on my Spring TBR


So glad to have Top Ten Tuesday back! There are so many great books coming out this year that I’m excited to read. I’m going to see Angie Thomas talk about her new book¬†The Hate U Give¬†at Books of Wonder this Thursday, so that will probably be the first one to knock of the list. I was so so thrilled to see it debut at #1 on the New York Times bestseller list last week! What books are you excited to read this spring? Continue reading “Top Ten Books on my Spring TBR”

Top Ten Friends First Romances


Happy Valentine’s Day! In case you haven’t notices, I LOVE romances. I love reading them. I love writing them. There are very few “tropes” within romance that I don’t like, but one of my absolute favorites is when friends fall in love. Maybe this is a little spoilery, but here are ten books about romances between friends that I adore. Whether you like romance or hate it, whether you are currently in love or single, I hope you have a lovely day. Hit me with your favorite literary romances, friends first or otherwise! Continue reading “Top Ten Friends First Romances”

Ten YA Books that don’t *need* more smooching

Happy Tuesday, friends. I struggled with this week’s topic. Because I’m generally a fan of anything and everything romantic, I thought I’d write about books that could have used more smooching. I know a lot of people wish YA didn’t have as much romance (if you are such a person here is a list for you), but I’m the opposite. If I feel a little meh about a book, usually I think there could have been more romance or more specifically more smooching. But it felt really mean to call out those books, so instead here are ten deeply romantic YA books that don’t *need* more smooching – however I wouldn’t complain if they did have more because I’m so in love with the characters! Long live romance! And have great weeks everyone! Continue reading “Ten YA Books that don’t *need* more smooching”

Ten Graphic Novels I Want to Read


Hi friends! I have read a few graphic novels – and really enjoyed them – but haven’t even begun to scratch the surface on the great stories that exist in the world. Since I already wrote a post about picture books during a freebie week, I thought I’d list some graphic novels that I want to read in the not too distant future. Let me know what I should add to the list and/or which of these I should make sure to read first in the comments. Continue reading “Ten Graphic Novels I Want to Read”

Ten Underrated/Hidden Gem Books I’ve Read In The Past Year Or So


Happy Tuesday! It was hard for me to decide how to make up this list list. There are definitely some books on the list that aren’t hidden or underrated – although I do think they all deserved more attention! I picked books from my goodreads published in 2015 or 2016 with fewer than 1,000 ratings. Have you read any of my “underrated” gems? Do you agree with me? Continue reading “Ten Underrated/Hidden Gem Books I’ve Read In The Past Year Or So”

Top Ten 2016 Releases I Meant To Read But Didn’t Get To (But TOTALLY plan to)


Is anyone else having a hard time believing that it’s 2017? Here are some books I meant to read in 2016 that I hope to get to ASAP! What 2016 books did you miss out on / which of these should I dive into first? Continue reading “Top Ten 2016 Releases I Meant To Read But Didn’t Get To (But TOTALLY plan to)”

Top 10 2017 Debuts I’m Excited For


Happy Tuesday and happy 2017! One of my reading resolutions is to read more debut novels this year. I did a *pretty* good job of this in 2016, but I want to do even better in 2017. I am genuinely excited about all these debuts coming out in 2017. We’ve got beautiful covers, two books from New School MFA Grads (both graduated ahead of me, but also both so kind and such good writers!), and surprisingly one “adult” book. What debuts are you excited about from 2017? Continue reading “Top 10 2017 Debuts I’m Excited For”