Marry, Date or Dump: Theo James, Four, & Mr. Pamuk

r-theo-james-large570Okay, so I know you are going to say that I’ve gone a little Divergent crazy, and I’m not going to argue with you. I just can’t get Theo James’s performance as Four (or his spectacular back muscles) out of my mind. I’ve definitely been a fan of him since he appeared as Mr. Pamuk and totally messed things up for everyone in perhaps the most scandalous episode of Downton Abbey. So I have a question for you that I haven’t been able to answer for myself. Marry, date or dump: Theo James the actor, his character Four in Divergent, or him as the Turkish diplomat Kemal Pamuk from Downton Abbey. I’m excited to read in the comments who you choose.

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Divergent Movie Review


I finally saw the Divergent movie on Tuesday, and overall I really enjoyed it. Divergent wasn’t my favorite book of all time, but I felt really engaged in the series. The film follows the book pretty closely. Of course some things were edited out for time, but there are no major departures (that I noticed) from the text.

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Marry, Date or Dump: Tris, Christina, & Tori from Divergent


Okay, so I didn’t end up seeing the Divergent movie this weekend, but I am seeing it tomorrow. This means I still have a whole lot of Tris and Four and the world they live in on the brain. Since we did some of the male characters for marry, date or dump last week, I thought it would be fun to see what people answer when given the female characters as choices. So let me know in the comments, when it comes to Tris, Christina, and Tori who would you marry, who would you date and who would you dump?  Continue reading “Marry, Date or Dump: Tris, Christina, & Tori from Divergent”

Marry, Date or Dump: Tobias, Caleb, & Will from Divergent


Is anyone else on pins and needles waiting for the Divergent movie to come out this week. Ever since reading the book I thought it would make an interesting film, and I’m also excited to see how fans react after all the controversy around Allegiant. In celebration, I’m posing a question – who would you marry, who would you date, and who would you dump when it comes to Tobias Eaton (Four), Caleb Prior, and Will? Let me know your answers in the comments and let me know if you are excited about seeing the movie.  Continue reading “Marry, Date or Dump: Tobias, Caleb, & Will from Divergent”

Allegiant by Veronica Roth: A book review with SPOILERS and a lot of feelings

allegiantOkay so I want to start out by saying, just in case you missed my shouty capitals in the title, that this review has spoilers. I’m not just talking about spoilers for the previous two books, Divergent and Insurgent,which I think are inevitable of any book that isn’t the first in the series. And I’m not just talking about giving away one or two jokes (if you know anything about the series you’ll know there are no jokes) or the fate of a minor character. This post could very well spoil everything. If you haven’t read Allegiant and you keep reading I could ruin your entire reading experience. I’m serious. I hate hate hate when I accidentally read spoilers and I usually try to keep them out of my reviews. However, having recently finished this book and having so many feelings and so few people to talk about my feelings with this time I had to include them. If you haven’t read the series, you can read my review of Divergent here or if you are just looking for a summary of the book here’s the one from goodreads. Be warned it is only my second book review ever, but I think it does capture my feelings about the book.

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Marry, Date or Dump: Four, Percy Jackson, Jace Lightwood

tumblr_mqf21z3lao1syjf4uo1_400It’s time to return to the blog’s young adult roots for this week’s Marry, Date or Dump. I’ve taken the male leads from three of the biggest YA series. So let me know in the comments what your choices are when it comes to Four from The Divergent Trilogy, by Veronica Roth, Percy Jackson, from The Percy Jackson & the Olympians series by Rick Riordan, and Jace from The Mortal Instruments, by Cassandra Clare. Also if you have any ideas for future Marry, Date or Dump posts please let me know in the comments on through this contact form. Thanks!  Continue reading “Marry, Date or Dump: Four, Percy Jackson, Jace Lightwood”

Divergent: Just Another Dystopian Novel?

I didn’t know much about Divergent when I started reading it, except that it had the GoodReads Favorite Book of 2011 by over a thousand votes. In the beginning, it felt so similar to Hunger Games; I thought it would be a sub-par dystopian novel.  Despite this early indifference, and in part aided by I read this last month in my bus days, I ended up reading this novel in about 36 hours.  So, I guess that is basically a recommendation in itself.

Some background on the novel (no spoilers!) Beatrice, later renamed Tris, lives in a future world where society is split into five factions. Each faction is defined by assigned jobs within the community and common personality traits. Loyalty and identity are tied to these categories, more than race, gender, even familial background.  Tris’ world values the ability to conform completely to your group above anything else. The majority of the book is comprised of Tris choosing which faction to join, and then the consequences of her choice.  At 16, she must choose more than her career track, she must choose her personality. It makes the college application process look like a breeze.

I’m not sure exactly what changed throughout the book that compelled me to keep reading. There is a coldness to all the characters, especially Tris, that made it hard for me to connect with her, but became more intriguing as more horrible things happened to her. It was a huge character flaw that instead of being her downfall is her salvation. The book is gruesome, in a way I wouldn’t have been able to take when this would have been an age appropriate book. It makes me wonder, as I think many of the out-of-touch have, why are these dark dystopian novels so popular?

The book definitely holds its own in an overpopulated and increasingly clichéd genre. It’s failure within the genre, and perhaps the key to its teen success, is that instead of accurately critiquing society as a whole, it seems more like a comment on the cliquishness of high school. The “training” to join a faction, has more to do with hazing than acquiring necessary skills or information.

The pacing, and sense of urgency, was also spot on. That, combined with the oh-so-sexy yet broody Four, is probably what kept me up reading late, even though it was a work night. It wasn’t my favorite, but I did enjoy it. I am definitely anticipating the sequel.

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