Top Ten Recommendations for People Who Want Diverse Summer Reads


Books open us up to new worlds. They help us empathize and identify with people that are different from us. When characters are the same, even in small ways, they make us feel understood and less alone. They are powerful. There are only a few weeks left in summer. Here are ten diverse summer reads. Reading any of them would be a fantastic use of your time. Continue reading “Top Ten Recommendations for People Who Want Diverse Summer Reads”


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Hi friends. I learned about the need for diversity in books through twitter and through this blog. It’s dumb that I needed to learn it about it and shows my extreme privilege, but there you go. One thing I feel like I know for sure is that in these conversations its more important for me to listen than to throw out my opinions (or even have opinions). The hashtag #whitewashedOUT has been blowing up my twitter feed for the last two days. My understanding is the it was started by Margaret Cho, Ellen Oh, and an organization called Nerds of Color to call out the lack of Asian American representation in media. Here are some of the many tweets that I’ve been listening to.

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We Need Diverse Books Chat @ New School


Happy Thursday, friends! I’ve written about diverse books a few times on the blog and more and more have been setting goals to read diversely. It’s wonderful to be in New York where so many people want to have these discussions in the book/writing/publishing world. Last week, there was a panel on We Need Diverse Books at The New School. It featured New School MFA alum Sona Charaipotra, Una LaMarche and Daniel José Older. They talked about research methods, negative representations, craft issues when writing cross culturally, and more.

A friend and I wrote a blog post about the event for school which you can read here if you’re interested. I’ve read (and loved) Sona’s book Tiny Pretty Things, and am really excited to dive into the books from the other panelists which I bought at the event.

Would love any of your diverse book suggestions in the comments!

We Need Diverse Books


In my life, some books have helped me understand other people; others have made me feel understood. When I was growing up some of my favorite books were about wizards and others were about holocaust victims, but even more of them were about characters I closely identified with: shy girls who loved to read, were bad at sports, and/or had divorced parents. That last bit was probably the most important part to me, because it was the main way I was different from everyone else at school. Continue reading “We Need Diverse Books”