Links for a Lazy Monday

Sunday got so lazy that the links post got pushed to Monday. Alison L and I planned to keep the Hunger Games Magic going with our first review of the series. Unfortunately, her computer, complete with finished review, is on the fritz (and she had a pretty important birthday to celebrate yesterday), and I spent the week battling a cold and then had a bachelorette party this weekend…and my mindset the morning after wasn’t up for much, let alone writing something semi interesting about one of my favorite series. Apologies. To make it up to you, I put together some of my favorite things I’ve found bouncing around the internet lately.

#WhatShouldWeCallMe is my new favorite tumblr of all time. My sister showed me a few of their memes a month ago, which made me literally laugh out loud. Yesterday I found myself looking through pages and pages of their witty and pop culturally relevant posts. It is also where I discovered this startling fact about the movie Aladdin.

I also loved seeing the photos of this Hunger Games themed wedding on Green Wedding Shoes. Although, I think it takes fandom to a new level, it was done in a classy and subtle way. While looking up the link, I saw another wedding shoot with a Hunger Games theme. Is this going to become a new trend? Will it be like the Twilight engagement rings?

If you are having Downton Abbey withdrawals, like me, you need to check out A Very Carson Christmas and The Fresh Prince of Downton Abbey. Both will make you almost pee in your pants they are so funny. I also liked these Maggie Smith moments and this boyfriend’s guide to the show. 

I also was intrigued this post on the jealous curator on jane mount. I don’t know what books would be on my ideal bookshelf, but I’m glad I will hopefully never have to narrow them down. And I chuckled at this cartoon on NYT.