Wordless Wednesday: Choosing a YA Novel Flowchart

wwI’ve seen a lot of flowcharts to help readers decide what book to read next, but this one is definitely the best I’ve found if you are looking for a Young Adult novel. Click on the picture or here to find what very well may be your new favorite book. If you feel so incline, let me know in the comments what book you got.

Marry, Date or Dump: Four, Percy Jackson, Jace Lightwood

tumblr_mqf21z3lao1syjf4uo1_400It’s time to return to the blog’s young adult roots for this week’s Marry, Date or Dump. I’ve taken the male leads from three of the biggest YA series. So let me know in the comments what your choices are when it comes to Four from The Divergent Trilogy, by Veronica Roth, Percy Jackson, from The Percy Jackson & the Olympians series by Rick Riordan, and Jace from The Mortal Instruments, by Cassandra Clare. Also if you have any ideas for future Marry, Date or Dump posts please let me know in the comments on through this contact form. Thanks!  Continue reading “Marry, Date or Dump: Four, Percy Jackson, Jace Lightwood”

Is Abbi Glines Pushing the Boundaries of YA Fiction?

For those of you who don’t know, Abbi Glines is a self-publisher who has been appearing all over different bestseller lists in the last few months. I will admit that I’ve read a few of her books – when something is priced under a dollar its hard to not check it out. Her books make 50 Shades look well written, but I understand the appeal. They include interesting characters, abrupt cliffhanger endings, and plenty of scenes that would make Nora Roberts blush. It is those scenes that have made me pretty surprised this week to see her name on the YA Bestseller list for her book While It Lasts. I considered her solidly a Romance (and not light romance), even though her characters are often between ages 17 and 21. Which makes me wonder – should something so sexually explicit and so obviously designed to titillate be considered young adult fiction?

abbi glines replacement pic

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The Diviners: A Spooky Scary Tale of the 1920s

7728889The week, Alison Lee and I read The Diviners, by Libba Bray. To me this book defies description, so I am going to give you links the ones on Amazon and Goodreads. I think the fact that they are so different says a lot. I will tell you that it involves teenagers in the 1920’s with supernatural powers, and features one girl Evie O’Neill who is sent away from her Midwest hometown to stay with her uncle in New York City. The book includes Ouija Boards, speakeasies, and Ziegfeld Follies.  Continue reading “The Diviners: A Spooky Scary Tale of the 1920s”