Links for a Lazy Sunday

I’ve had some internet problems, so the links this week are a little slim.

I read this post on yesterday, about the benefits of exercise to writers. They are mostly emotional. It almost convinced me to get around to joining the gym next to work … almost.

Was anyone else excited by the new Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer released at the VMAs this week?

It definitely made me more than a little nostalgic for Robsten, but I also appreciated the articles in support of Kristen on Glamour and Huffington Post. 

I loved this post on one of my favorite blogs, Books Tea & Me, praising Midnight in Paris and asking who what time / writers you would visit. Very fun to think about.

This week was the first day of school at work, and at Smith, both of which make me long to be back in school. Here is a list of 6 books written by college undergrads.

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