Ten Life Lessons from Harry Potter

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Hi friends! It’s been a long time (over a year) since I searched through a book for some life lessons. In the post-election days, I saw several friends turning to Harry Potter for comfort. I understand why. These books and their characters feel like good friends and great teachers at the same time. They also portray a world where great evil exists but good triumphs in the end. There are too many life lessons to gain from this book to write into a single post, or even glean in a single reading. Here are ten of my favorites: Continue reading “Ten Life Lessons from Harry Potter”

Ten Books I’m Thankful That My Mom Read to Me


My mom read to me pretty much every night until I was like thirteen. That’s a lot of books. I couldn’t read until  I was in the nine/ten zone. Looking back, I feel like there was a big potential for me to hate books. But I think my mom reading to me and my sister saved me from that fate. Tomorrow, I’m leaving the city to spend Thanksgiving with my mom. I’m very grateful to her for reading to me, and here are some books I’m grateful she read to me. Thanks Mom! Continue reading “Ten Books I’m Thankful That My Mom Read to Me”

The Sun Is Also A Star, by Nicola Yoon

sun-is-also-a-starThis book got me out of a serious, post-election reading slump and is exactly what I wanted/needed to be reading. The Sun Is Also A Star switches between the perspectives of Natasha, Daniel, and the universe (including a few of his many inhabitants). Natasha is a science obsessed girl who doesn’t believe in love, destiny, or fate. She’s an undocumented immigrant brought to The United States from Jamaica at age eight. In twelve hours, her family will be deported. Daniel is the child of Korean immigrants. He has always been the good son. He wants to be a poet, but his parents want him to go to Yale and become a doctor. When the two meet by chance, the attraction and connection between them is undeniable – although logical Natasha does her best to deny it. The book takes place over twelve hours as they get to know each other and try to keep Natasha’s family from being deported.  It is a detailed, emotional, romantic story that I absolutely couldn’t put down. I started and finished it in one sitting.  Continue reading “The Sun Is Also A Star, by Nicola Yoon”

Top Ten Books from 2016 I’d Like to See Adapted into Film


Hello, friends. How are you doing? I’m still getting my sea legs after last week’s election. And maybe I’ll never get them. Maybe hopefully I’ll never get them. Hard to say. One thing I’ve been incredibly grateful for in the last week is the ability to escape into reading, into my writing, and into film. For this week’s movie themed top ten tuesday I decided to list books from 2016 I’d like to see adapted into film. The list is predictably YA heavy, but there are a few other categories represented. Which of these books would you like to see in movie form? Who would you cast? Let me know in the comments. Continue reading “Top Ten Books from 2016 I’d Like to See Adapted into Film”

On Tuesday


On Tuesday, I woke up near tears. I looked through pictures of my mother, grandmothers, and great grandmothers. I read about a boy with Cerebral Palsy being bullied and kicked out of a Trump rally and then the tears came. But most of the day I spent in excitement. I read Pantsuit Nation posts on facebook. I made this post about YA authors and voting. Totally blissed out, even having the end tail of the stomach flu wasn’t getting me down.

On Tuesday, I put on my The Future Is Female t-shirt. I wore pearls and red lipstick to vote. On the way home from the polls, my roommate and I bought champagne. We drank a small toast (stomach flu be damned!) when we got home and saved the rest of the bottle for later. I think it’s still sitting in the fridge.  Continue reading “On Tuesday”