Ten Books to Read if You Like Frozen


Even though it is finally (hopefully) spring, for some reason I still have Frozen on my mind. It might be that I’m still hearing the “Let it Go” song everywhere. Here are ten books you might want to check out if you liked Frozen. Some of them feature sister relationships. Others have feisty princess or winter weather. They are all books I loved! Continue reading “Ten Books to Read if You Like Frozen”

Marry, Date or Dump: Mr. Bingley, Nick Carraway, and Ashley Wilkes

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 12.40.16 PM

Happy Monday! One of my first and most popular marry date or dump posts asked readers to make the choice between Mr. Darcy, Jay Gatsby, and Rhett Butler. Today I decided to give you their counterparts to choose between today. Let me know in the comments, who you would marry, who you would date, and who you would dump when it comes to Mr. Bingley, Nick Carraway, and Ashles Wilkes. I know who I would pick, but I’m excited to see what you decide!

Continue reading “Marry, Date or Dump: Mr. Bingley, Nick Carraway, and Ashley Wilkes”

Dewey’s Read-a-thon

deweyreadathonFrom 8am this morning to 8am tomorrow, people all around the world (and the web) will be reading. Here is the website where you can get more info about this challenge. I’m not sure I’m hardcore enough to last all 24 hours, but I do hope to spend most of the day reading and surpass 1,000 pages. I have a stack full of books from the library and fridge full of yummy snacks I made yesterday – so I’m ready for a pretty amazing day. Continue reading “Dewey’s Read-a-thon”

I’m Going to Grad School

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I know I’ve been a bit coy about my grad school plans, but as you might be able to tell from the above wristband I’ve made my decision. I am happy to announce that in the fall I will be starting an MFA program at The New School. I’m not sure I could be more excited about this amazing opportunity. Continue reading “I’m Going to Grad School”

Top Ten Characters Who I Want to Invite to a Dinner Party


Have you ever wondered which literary characters you would invite to a dinner party if you could? I hadn’t until this week, but these are the top ten characters I think I would invite to mine. Let me know who you would invite to your party and who you would want to sit between at mine in the comments! Continue reading “Top Ten Characters Who I Want to Invite to a Dinner Party”