Book Reccomendation: Dear Life, by Alice Munro

9780307596888_custom-579b988dae1f175f4b3e91e9af6956426e408c98-s6-c30We have a busy day on the blog this Friday. I was going to blog about my recent trip (I’ll try to get that posted tomorrow) and later in the day there will be a fantastic guest post from And then I remembered that I haven’t let you know about my book review (it is really more of a recommendation) on Kate Brauning’s The Bookshelf.

As some of you might know, I am a huge Alice Munro nut. Seriously, she writes the best sentences I’ve ever read and has made me grow more as a reader and a writer than any other author. So if you are looking for something to read look no further than Dear Life, by Alice Munro. It’s her last book and I couldn’t recommend it more. Also stop by The Bookshelf. It is one of my favorite blogs and I couldn’t be prouder to be writing monthly reviews for it!

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