Top Ten Favorite Signs from The Women’s March


On Saturday, we marched. Well, I stood. There were too many people in DC to actually, you know, move. But it was amazing. A sea of pink hats. It was wonderful to spend the day with my friends from New York, my mother, and the many inspiring and motivated women I met at the march. Since this week is a Freebie for Top Ten Tuesday, I thought I’d share some of my favorite signs from the day. Most are bookish! All are amazing! Enjoy and rest up for the next fight!

Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see? I see a highly unqualified Secretary of Education nominee!

When Voldemort is President we need a nation of Hermiones!
The Handmaid’s Tale wasn’t meant to be a how-to manual
If I Only Had a Brain
Even Voldemort Didn’t Grab Pussy
Still We Rise
You’re So Vain You Probably Think This March Is About You!
We are the granddaughters of the witches you were never able to burn
Winter is Here!
Several good signs here and all my friends. Thank you for a beautiful march weekend!

Thank you to The Broke and the Bookish for this fun weekly book meme! And thank you everyone who marched on Saturday or have been finding their own ways of fighting for the things they believe.



27 thoughts on “Top Ten Favorite Signs from The Women’s March

  1. Oh this is the best topic ever! #1 is great especially since DeVos is from my state- I’m ashamed to say! And #3, and Winter is Here- awesome!

  2. Great list! I was inspired by the march too for this TTT and posted the my Top Ten Books for the Revolution after all the Leia signs I saw. They’re the books that keep me going.

  3. Oh man, this is the best TTT idea ever. Thanks for sharing! I’m still so disappointed in myself that I wasn’t able to make it to a march. I really like all of these sign ideas. I’m always so impressed with the clever things people come up with.

  4. This is brilliant! My favorite which is a little bookish considering a common trait of many readers is “So Bad, Even Introverts are Here”. I marched in Des Moines an it was such an incredibly empowering experience! Thank you to you and your friends for standing up!

  5. Such a great list! I think the Hermione sign is my favourite. My topic this week was also inspired by the March (though unfortunately I couldn’t make it to one), but it’s so cool that you actually went! It must have been amazing 🙂

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