MTV Movie Awards: Battle of the YA Book Adaptations

I love to vote. This extends from voting for presidents to voting for american idol contestants. So when I saw the link to vote for the MTV Movie Awards I clicked on it, prepared to make some snap decisions.

What I found was a pretty a battle between Harry Potter 7 Part 1, Breaking Dawn 1, and Hunger Games. What a conundrum! I think I like hype a little bit too much, but I pretty much love all three of these series.

In the end, Harry Potter got most of my votes with a few going to Hunger Games. Eclipse was my least favorite movie thus far, although it did kill me a little not to give “best kiss” to Bella and Edward.

So after thinking about this for most of the evening, I am officially curious. How would you rank these series, and these movies?

Also, don’t you think it is super interesting that 3 of the most dominant movies (Bridesmaids and The Help were also all over the polls) are targeted at teens and based on books? I do.

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