Links for a Lazy Sunday

Hi friends! Who is getting excited for Thanksgiving? I know I am, and I don’t even like turkey that much. Here are some of my favorite recent internet happenings. If you’ve seen something cool, put it in the comments so I can grow my pathetically short list (have I mentioned that I’m pretty bad at the whole internet thing?).

  • It’s no secret that the Alisons were both strongly pro-Obama. We were pretty tickled on election night, and here is my favorite new tumblr: White People Mourning Romney
  • I’ve been thinking about book titles a lot recently. Here is a list of book titles that come from poems. Do you know any poems that contain a good title?
  • I was lucky enough to work with a short time with blogger and creator of More Love Letters, and let me tell you she, as well as pretty much everything to which she devotes her time, is pretty fantastic. One of her posts this week – For the win: I want to love your face off – was enjoyable and thought-provoking on so many levels. You will love her unique and flowery prose, but even more importantly I think many of you will connect with her message.

One thought on “Links for a Lazy Sunday

  1. Restrict your flirting to your crush so they don’t get confused. Sprinkle the top with the crushed peppermint candy. Just think potato chips, pretzels, popcorn, those graham crackers, all different sorts of crackers, a cinnamon bun, a bagel, English muffins.

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