Sarah Dessen & Jenny Han & Jennifer E. Smith … Oh my!

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A very happy book blogger, at Books of Wonder last night!

Did you see what I was trying to do there in the title with the Wizard of Oz reference? No? Oh well, moving on with my geeky self. Last night, was like nonsexual YA orgy of amazingness. I got to go to my favorite bookstore and see/meet three favorite authors. The crowd and energy in the room was nuts. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen more folks come out to Books of Wonder before. I got their half an hour early and was apparently the 70th person there … bananas!

There was something particularly special about getting to see Sarah Dessen for the first time. I’ve read all twelve of her books and think she basically invented the genre I now write in. Also it was her birthday! There was cake and she we sang Happy Birthday (twice!) and she threw a wedding bouquet into the crowd because her new book, Once and for All, is kind of wedding themed. She and the Jennifers talked about weddings and bachelorette parties and winning the lottery. It was spectacular.

These times, politically, are super weird and scary. I’m *really* trying hard to pay special attention to experiences and people I’m grateful for and things that bring me joy. Last night, meets the above criteria. It was especially great to be surrounded by so many women and girls who also love these books and cheered for any mention of feminism and the need for more diverse rep in books and romance. Also, I’m really proud of the crown braid (see above picture) I wore in honor of Lara Jean and Kitty from Jenny Han’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before series.

Also, also (does this work like P.S. – P.S.S.???) now I get to read these beautiful books!


4 thoughts on “Sarah Dessen & Jenny Han & Jennifer E. Smith … Oh my!

  1. Glad you had fun! It sounds like an amazing time. I adore Sarah so much. She was one of the authors who brought me into the YA genre to begin with as a kid, and I’ve read every book she’s released so far except Saint Anything (which I own, and PRE-ORDERED, and am VERY ashamed to admit I haven’t read yet). I got my copy of Once and For All in the mail the other day, and can’t wait to dive into it. Her stories are such a cozy distraction from the ugliness outside. (Well, except Dreamland… but, you know… lol)

    1. Haha! I’ve read all of her books too! In fact, Dreamland was one of the first books of hers that I read, and I was like this is so good but maybe her books are too dark for me, lol. She is a master! Hope you like Once and For All. I’m especially excited for this one, because WEDDINGS!

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