Marry, Date or Dump: Theo James, Four, & Mr. Pamuk

r-theo-james-large570Okay, so I know you are going to say that I’ve gone a little Divergent crazy, and I’m not going to argue with you. I just can’t get Theo James’s performance as Four (or his spectacular back muscles) out of my mind. I’ve definitely been a fan of him since he appeared as Mr. Pamuk and totally messed things up for everyone in perhaps the most scandalous episode of Downton Abbey. So I have a question for you that I haven’t been able to answer for myself. Marry, date or dump: Theo James the actor, his character Four in Divergent, or him as the Turkish diplomat Kemal Pamuk from Downton Abbey. I’m excited to read in the comments who you choose.

Theo James
Theo James
Four from Divergent
Four from Divergent
Mr. Pamuk from Downton Abbey
Mr. Pamuk from Downton Abbey

14 thoughts on “Marry, Date or Dump: Theo James, Four, & Mr. Pamuk

  1. Loved Theo’s performance as Four. However, I haven’t watched any of Downton Abbey (shocking as I lived in Scotland for a year and I love all things British), but I read a bit about Theo’s character.
    I’d have to say: Marry Theo; Date Four; Dump Mr. Pamuk. How could you not want to spend your life with that gorgeous man?? I’d date Four because he’d be fun for a bit, but he’s too dangerous. 🙂

    1. Definitely watch Downton Abbey when you get a chance, because it sounds right up your alley. I agree Four might be a litter dangerous/intense to actually marry, but would be very fun to date. Although I love the character so much I might just have to go with marry.

      1. It’s definitely been on my “To Be Watched” list for a while. I just need to sit down and do it. I have a feeling I’ll love it A LOT.
        He’d be fun to date for sure, and the character is wonderful. You marry him; I’ll take Will. 🙂

  2. So I think I would marry Theo as he could act out Four or Mr. Pamuk when I felt like being dangerous or dealing with a cad, date Four and dump Mr. Pamuk – he almost “ruined” Mary.

  3. Totally bought the first season of Downton Abbey just so I could see Theo in his one episode (still have yet to watch it). I would have to say I’d marry Four (I love his intensity and those tight black shirts he wears), date Theo, and dump Mr. Pamuk (only if I really had to though!!).

    Have you ever seen in Golden Boy? He was such a gorgeous detective. Too bad CBS cancelled it 😦

  4. So – wait for it, I’ve never watched Downton Abbey (my friends are ready to disown me, trust me) so I’m going to say dump Mr. Pamuk.

    Now the hard part BUT Theo’s mysterious side, broken past, and protective nature would definitely pull me towards the Marry Four (what can I say? I love the broken ones) and then date Theo because he’s adorable.

    1. Yeah, as broken as he is I would have to marry Four too. I just love his character way too much not to. Thanks for commenting and for the fantastic review of the movie you wrote on your blog!

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