Marry, Date or Dump: Boys from The Boyfriend List, by E. Lockhart

Ruby-Oliver-series (1)

I have completely fallen in love with the Ruby Oliver books by E. Lockhart. I’ve got the fourth book coming for me at the library this week, and I even read two of them in one night last Wednesday. That’s how good they are. I love love love that even though the characters think about boys all the time, the plot isn’t really a romance. This means there are lots of boys to choose from for marry, date and dump. Let me know your choices in the comments! 

Here is the list from book one, in chronological order:

  1. Adam (but he doesn’t count.)
  2. Finn (but people just thought so.)
  3. Hutch (but I’d rather not think about it.)
  4. Gideon (but it was just from afar.)
  5. Ben (but he didn’t know.)
  6. Tommy (but it was impossible.)
  7. Chase (but it was all in his mind.)
  8. Sky (but he had someone else.)
  9. Michael (but I so didn’t want to.)
  10. Angelo (but it was just one date.)
  11. Shiv (but it was just one kiss.)
  12. Billy (but he didn’t call.)
  13. Jackson (yes, okay, he was my boyfriend. Don’t ask me any more about it.)
  14. Noel (but it was all a mistake.)
  15. Cabbie (but I’m undecided.)

I haven’t read the fourth book, so I might be in for a big surprise, but so far I think I would marry Hutch, date Gideon, and dump Cabbie (and Jackson!).

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