Ten Childhood Characters I’d Love To Revisit As Adults


I (obviously) love children’s books. I’ve spent the last two years studying them, and I hope to write many of them. Right now, I’m focused on YA but I love middle grade stories and pictures books too. Still, it’s really fun to imagine what childhood characters would be like when they grow up. For some characters, like Harry Potter, Anne Shirely, and Meg Murray, we find out through sequels or epilogues. Others are mysteries. Here are ten childhood characters I’d love to see into adulthood.

Thanks to The Broke and the Bookish for hosting this weekly book meme!

21 thoughts on “Ten Childhood Characters I’d Love To Revisit As Adults

  1. Eloise would be an amazing character to see as an adult. How I forgot that personality and sass, I don’t know. πŸ™‚

  2. I can’t believe that I’ve never read Eloise! I must change that at some point as I keep seeing the book pop up! I would love to know how Matilda is getting on with Miss Honey.

  3. I see a Marry, Date or Dump in there somewhere

    I like to think that Eloise grew up to me Auntie Mame

  4. I’d really love for Judy Blume to just revisit all of her characters as adults! I still haven’t read All The Boys I’ve Loved Before but it’s been on my TBR forever so hopefully soon. Great List!

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